Friday, April 29, 2005

Currently on who's who: Who is Dubya!

Before I continue...

Raise your hands those who knows who Dubya refers to!

Hah. Not too many. Let me enlighten you pple.

What: Dubya
Pronounciation: 'duhb-yah'
Function: Noun
Etymology: Old Texan variation of the English letter 'W'
Refers to: A certain US president

Can anyone make a guess now?


Yesh. it is none other than George W. Bush!

Actually Dubya is a rather common nickname given to Bush by his supporters and non-supporters alike. And it is so given because Texans tend to pronounce the letter 'W' as, you-guess-it, "dubya". However, the nickname usually has a slightly derogatory connotation to it as it makes fun of his not-so-perfect English.

Here's some of the Dubya websites for ur surfing delights!

Dubya speak

Dubya Comics

Dubya News


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